Name: danpigg

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We bought this from Dicks Sporting Goods as our first kayak. This is an excellent kayak for the money and very versatile. It is extremely stable, I know it is good with 165 and a 200lb person for sure. It is classified as an angler kayak but makes a great recreational kayak.

It's the little things that makes this such a great starter kayak. The paddle strap, the spare bungee strap (I hand my cell phone in a case from it). It has plenty of room behind the seat for a 12 pack soft cooler. The cockpit is very roomy and the cup holder in the seat and on the dash hold well. The seat is okay but not great. For short trips it works well but longer trips my butt was sore from the cushion. It adjusts well and the whole kayak is quality made. The cockpit is huge and great for getting in and out of it. The dry storage seems to work well but the hatch could be a little better designed. It has sealed aft and a a Styrofoam balance in the bow. The handles on the end are sturdy and it comes with an anchor system I have not used yet.

Overall say this is an excellent starter kayak or casual user who is not going to invest large sums of money into their kayak and gear. If your not sure how much your going to love kayaking this is for you. If you know you love kayaking I spend the extra money and go with a wilderness systems pungo.

This a very affordable quality sit in tandem kayak. We found it it to be well made stable and nice for recreational kayaking. For the money you can not beat this as a tandem kayak. The seating and features are adequate with out being cheap. I have only seem one tandem sit in less expensive it is was just plain cheap compared to this which is well made and looks sharp.

This is a kick around the lake or river kayak for 2-4 hrs. If you're more into longer trips make the investment and plan on paying double the price it get one with better seats and more bells and whistles. We have had two 200+ lbs folks in and they found it to be comfortable and very stable. My inlaws who are in their late sixties loved their experience in so much they are buying one.

So overall this is an excellent purchase for and economy tandem product for light recreational kayaking.