Name: BruceMcC

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I have the the Royalex type boat. I have paddled all of my life and have done extensive white water. I bought this boat hoping that it would do it all, flat water, white water, etc. Well, it pretty much does do it all.

It tracks well in flat water, making it easy to keep a straight course. It is easy to paddle solo. It can handle mild white water as it responsive and turns fairly easily. However, it is not a real white water boat. A real white water boat has more rocker and higher sides. So, the Adirondack can run class 3 rapids (possibly 4) but don't expect it to play in the features without taking on water. But if you want a durable, all around boat that tracks well then this is your boat.

I have done a lot of kayaking over the years but have often been quite frustrated by the poor performance of most plastic recreational boats. In the 1970's and 1980's I had a fiberglass white water kayak that I loved. The down side on that boat was that it didn't track well in flat water (naturally). About 8 or 9 years ago I had the pleasure of paddling a Lincoln Quoddy Light that my brother bought. It was a dream, it tracks beautifully and yet turns easily.

Last summer I finally found a place to buy Lincoln kayaks and got a Quoddy Light LV (glass/composite). I love it. It is stable, responsive, but turns on a dime. It is also pretty light, so it is easy to put on and take off my roof rack. I wouldn't do class V white water in it but I am getting too old for that anyway. It doesn't have a lot of storage space but more than enough for day trips.
Great boat.