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Name: RJR

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My rating is probably unfair because I am a VERY inexperienced paddler. I demo'd a Bahia last weekend without a spray skirt, and concur with the first reviewer that this thing will not turn unless you lean over far enough to fill the cockpit with water. It was fairly stable when I was moving fast, but required constant use of the paddle to keep it upright when stopped or moving slow. And I repeat, it would not turn without back paddling, unless I wanted to really lean. I have demo'd the Eddyline Falcon, the Necky Chatham, & an Impex of approx the same size. They were all much more stable. I am 6' 3" tall, 200# and did not have any size problems, though it was not as easy to get in as the Falcon & Chatham because of the size of the keyhole. If you are an agressive paddler this Kayak may be for you, but I would demo it thoroughly before purchase.