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Name: Mbrucato

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I bought the 90 lb system and it is awesome once you get it up and adjusted correctly. This was much more work than I expected it to be. Now that it's done I'm very happy with it. My kayak is up against the ceiling in my garage and completely out of the way. It is also very easy to lift and lower with just one person. The only other problem is that you need to be prepared to pick up some lumber and extra lag bolts and washers to properly install the system. I get the part where it doesn't come with the lumber but they could throw in the extra 8 dollars worth of hardware.

I put these on my truck rack and they are very well made. They are not 100% universal fit though. I had to buy 8 longer bolts (4 for each set) in order for these to fit the rack I have. They were stainless steel so it was another 10 dollars besides the cost of the racks. The ramp on the front to help you load seems like it would be nice for use on a shorter vehicle but for a full size truck it is still easier to slide them up from the back. I also like the way the straps work with the cutouts in the carriers.

This is my first kayak that I have ever owned. I am 6'2" and 205 pounds and this is a good size kayak for me. There is also a ton of dry storage plus deck storage without being too large. This kayak is also fast and easy to control.