Name: Coopb117

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The Dirigo kayak is a great kayak. It is easy to paddle. The cockpit is big and doesn't feel confining, and it is easy to get in and out of. The kayak tracked well in the flat water that a paddled it in. It has plenty of storage for day trips, and a dry hatch that stays relatively dry. This is a great kayak and if you decide to buy one this should be an option.

This is a good kayak, it was very stable on the flat water I paddled it on, it was so stable I could stand on it though it was difficult it is possible if you are not very tall. It has a good amount of storage, but it has no dry storage. I think it could be used as a fishing kayak but not effectively. As a rec kayak it is a good option, not the best, but a good option. Would definitely recommend this to a friend. As a day touring kayak unless you pack ultra light you might want to get something with more storage.

The Dirigo is a nice kayak. It has good stability, good storage, is easy to get in and out of, has good tracking, and is easy to paddle. It tracks well in flat water, I have not used it in rougher waters but I imagine that it would be fine. I would definitely buy this.

The Perception Tribe 11.5 is a good sit on kayak. It has great stability, it has a little bit of storage but no dry hatch. It could be used as a fishing kayak with a few mods but I would probably look elsewhere. It is a good rec kayak.