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Name: otterwoman

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I have had my Advanced Frame Sport for two years. It is my first kayak, and after I added the "backbone" (a stabilizer bar that should be included but is sold as an accessory) it became a 10. I don't do whitewater, but have done a lot of lakes and estuaries all over the Northwest. It is great! I can set it up in about 10-12 minutes, and it transports easily in its bag in the back of my Prius. I have let a 250-pound man use it in Idaho, and he loved it too. I am only 5'2", he is about 6'2".

My only complaint is that it sits higher off the water than most hardshell boats and is a little dicey in wind. But I can flyfish out of it, and now that I have an RV, it even fits in a storage locker underneath--still no rack to worry about! Great boat, small price, and no matter what other boats I may own, I will probably keep my AF Sport!