Name: StevoG

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I recently purchased a used Old Town Pack canoe after having looked for one for quite a while. I wanted a solo canoe so that I could easily load it on my small sedan. It turns out they are hard to find used in my area since they are no longer made, and in Royalex for that matter. After having used it a couple of times, I think I love it. < P> I am 5'7" and 150 lbs (not a big guy), and unlike other reviewers, I have not felt the need to lower the seat, which I understand to be common for many Pack owners - though I will say that lowering the seat from the factory standard would make it more conducive to paddling with a kayak paddle. If your center of gravity is higher, you may want to think about lowering the seat. But I love this canoe for its ease of loading/unloading from atop a vehicle, lightness, carrying capacity for my gear and simplicity.

While it does not track the best due to its short length, it's great for calm lakes or downriver floats. I had been looking at the Old Town NEXT recently but was glad to find a used Pack. So I was able to save a little money in the process and got a great boat out of it!