Name: darbydh01

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Great quality stand up paddle board. I've used it on lakes so far, no rivers yet but I am very comfortable with this board that I know it will be great on rivers and maybe someday the ocean! My husband owns a Solstice board and this one just seems to better quality. He's already had a few things go wrong with his board after 4 or 5 trips. I love my board, I've taken several family members for a ride. I love that it rolls up and you can put it in a bag and take it anywhere! The pin for the fin works excellent and has prevented me from losing it many times. I am so happy with this board and I can't wait to go SUPing again! Pros It can roll up and be taken anywhere. I am fairly hard on the board and it has done well. The pin in the fin is necessary, I can't imagine trying to sup with out it. Cons I dislike manually inflating it with a hand pump, but honestly its not that big of a deal. Usage I mainly just tour different lakes. I've taken it several lakes in Nebraska and one in Colorado. Because of it's flexibility being an inflatable, I plan on taking a river trip or even an ocean trip at some point.