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Name: divermike

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This craft is elegant and fast. If I buy another canoe, this will be it. I have admired the way these boats are built, and the fantastic customer service, I have to wear out my Spitfire 13 first, which the way it is going will outlast me! Oh heck, I may just get one anyway!!

I have owned my Spitfire for 3 years, I have paddled it on the 2 of the great lakes, several rivers and many lakes in NY, Penn. and Michigan. I have also set 3 Guinness world records in my Spitfire.

It has never let me down, and never left me feeling like I chose the wrong craft. I am 6'1" and 255 lbs, a big boy. I can carry a whole lot of gear with me, and it just keeps on truckin. In tough waters, it is very stable, in fact on group paddles I many times act as assistant guide and take alternate routes finding by ways that are off the main streams. I'm always pleased when people comment on what a nice craft I have, others have tried to copy the PB boats, but Joe and his team are the pinnacle! I wish I could buy 1 of every type he makes.