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Name: kfbrady

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I just bought two of these [medium size] for our two Pungo 120 Ultralites and I am very pleased with them. At $45 each they're not exactly cheap but they are very well made, have long and sturdy inflation tubes, and come with a lifetime warranty. They fit the Pungos absolutely perfectly and simply tie in place to the foot support rails with a short length of paracord.

I can't see using these on our local quiet canals and lakes, but we are heading down to paddle a very large saltwater bay for a few days and having the extra flotation (especially with the Pungo's large open cockpit) will be very reassuring.

My wife and I just got into kayaking. We are in our early 60's and want to do this for a long time, so boat weight was important to us. There are not too many options out there for boats lighter than typical poly, but still relatively affordable. When we tried a few out the Pungo Ultralight was at the bottom of our list, but as soon as we tried one we realized what a great boat it is.

There are obviously compromises made in a 12' rec kayak, but I really think that Wilderness Systems has produced a very good design here - as also evidenced by the Pungo's popularity and longevity.

Anyway, to our surprise (as I'm 6'0" and she is 5'0") we both came home with two identical Pungo 120s. They are quite easy to lift on top of our SUV, track well in the water, maneuver well and are responsive and relatively quick for a smallish boat.

So far we've only been out in them a few times, but we are looking forward to a new hobby that we can hopefully do well into our 70's.