Name: schwarkie

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This is a great lightweight, comfortable and affordable paddle.It is easily adjusted and is very sturdy. I use it as my loaner paddle when family and company share my kayaks. Because it is so sturdy it is my go to paddle when I am paddling in rivers with hidden stones and logs.

Quick and responsive. A good looking kayak but not for beginners if there is any wind. I purchased it and tried it for three trips, things went fine until the slightest breeze would turn me to the left or completely around.I could not stop paddling or I would be quickly turned around. I had to paddle 5 strokes on my left side to one on the right to try and keep her pointed in the right direction. It wasn't the kayak for me. I returned it.

We recently purchased two 10.6 Dirigos. We wanted a versatile light weight kayak for enjoying calm lake waters, smooth coastal water and local rivers and streams. We have been out several times including on less than 10 mile an hour windy days and we are impressed. Friends and family, experienced and inexperienced love this little gem. It tracks well considering its short length, and the seating is superb! Roomy enough to stow enough gear for a day trip. We love it!

I love this lightweight! It fits my smaller hand beautifully. I have paddled for hours without getting hand fatigue. I purchased it for half price at the end of the 2014 season on Amazon and could kick myself for not buying two! We have several kayak paddles and everyone wants to use mine. I am a 62 year young female just rediscovering the joy of kayaking! A great purchase.