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I borrowed a friends 111 for a week in Florida and had a great time catching trout, snook and redfish. Also snagged a manatee that took me on a white knuckel death ride until I was able to pop my jig off. Only negative was lack of space to store gear, but a great boat to tool around on for a day trip.

I picked up a used 1983 Glasto Craft canoe on craigslist barter section in the spring. I patched all the holes and cracks with fiberglass, sanded it down, and painted it with pettit shipendec topcoat marine enamel. I now have a great canoe that cuts and tracks better then my friends new Mad River canoe and I only had to trade an old bud light beer clock for it.

Glasto Craft is no longer in business but if you come across one that needs a little work it's well worth it!