Name: paddler76

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I have never submitted a product review before, but my experiences with the 12.10 have been so exceptionally good that I wanted offer a few words here. I have been using the 12.10 for nearly every weekend for the past 2 years, paddling lakes and rivers. The 12.10 is stable, comfortable, tracks well, and has great storage for kayak camping. It’s also a well-made quality boat that, contrary to one review, is nearly bomb-proof. Last year while putting my 12-10 on top of my car a sudden wind kicked up before I got the first strap on, and my kayak blew off. I thought that was the end of my 12.10. But on close inspection at home I could not find any damage except for a tear in the keel guard I had added to the bottom. I did not find the slightest trace of a crack or other damage. I have used several other kayaks and have two others in my garage, but I always end up with the 12.10 on top of my car. After some serious use, my only caution is that the rubber around the hatch covers can dry out and not fit as well as when they were new.