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Name: arizonajeri

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I purchased the Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Ultralight and have been using it for a few weeks(at least 15 outings). It is being used on a lake that only has waves if the winds are high. Smooth paddling. I use a Carbon Fiber paddle.

There is a major problem with the boat. From carrying it from my vehicle to the water (short distance approx.30 yards) the flexible cloth handles at the bow and stern which are screwed down into the boat are causing the boat to split/crack under all four screws. The splits are getting progressively worse as I use the boat. I am in contact with the store I purchased it at and waiting to hear from the manufacturer to come up with a solution. Evidently I'm not the only one this has happened too.

Not as important but after the third or fourth outing the letters from the Logo started to fall off. I was supposed to receive new ones but they still have not arrived 1 1/2 months later.

A concern I have but have not yet addressed is the softer plastic might not be as sturdy to climb up onto if over turned in the lake. Seems a little flimsy. I will cross that road when I come to it. I need to practice my re-entry so we shall see what happens.

Otherwise, the boat is wonderful. It glides and tracks nicely through the waters. Its pretty well balanced for the V Chine hull that is has. The seat comes with a few adjustments for good back support. Although if you put too much pressure on the top of the back it can get caught under the back of the cockpit. The bottom pad of the seat has already compressed down. I'm sure after awhile I will probably have to put a pad on top of the seat. The boat is lightweight which makes it easy to load into my vehicle. The large cockpit is nice and roomy but if you where to flip over it could fill up quickly with water because of the large opening.

I also purchased the WS Console for storing small items like my keys, point & shoot camera and my water bottle. Really no other place to put things right in front of you unless you don't mind them just being on the floor of the kayak getting splashed on. Or stashed away in the hatch.

The hatch is a nice feature and the hinged hard top is handy rather than the flimsy rubber ones. It does keep things dry but I have a feeling after awhile the o ring might fail. (Weather here is very hot and is harsh on things like that).

Once the cracking problem is resolved I will be more than satisfied with this boat. I do think that these problems should have been worked out ahead of time especially since such a high price tag is on this boat. $1249 + $79 for the console. My decision in purchasing this kayak was partially based on the Wilderness Systems name and being known for their quality products. I do not feel they lived up to there name in this boat.