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Name: bernerz

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I have now owned this boat for several years and feel qualified to give it the review it deserves. Coming off of a Wilderness Systems Manteo this boat was markedly lighter and straighter tracking. That being said, it requires more effort and skill to turn. Comparing the two would be apples to oranges.

The Quest LT is a very light boat for its size. I put it on the scales and got 42 pounds. It is top quality construction with choices of colors and options I have not seen from other companies. I was also able to go to meet the builders/owners in Tacoma. They are confident about their product, they are all about quality, not mass construction. They have used deck fittings and thru-hull fixtures that are built to last and remain watertight.

As for how the boat handles, tracks like a dream and glides forever after only a few strokes. It is relatively easy to hit cruising speed with minimal effort and waves, wind, and current present very little obstruction. Primary stability is reasonable for the experienced paddler and secondary is amazing. I have not rolled it yet, but I haven't tried either. The rub rail detracts slightly from the lines of the boat but keeps the spray away.

I have only a few gripes with it. First is the foot pegs, on longer outings I need to install heel pads. Second is that I would have like to have seen more rounded rub rails. These are minor things having to do more with the owner that the boat itself. So why rate it an 8? A 10 would imply that it is the perfect boat, flawless in any situation or need. That being said, this boat is perfect for my needs and I will paddle it till my arms fall off.

I was able to have a chance to paddle this boat in Sydney Harbor and was rather unimpressed with the performance. Granted I was paddling with a person that had minimal experience paddling and ran out of gas leaving me to do most of the work. The rudder was difficult to work and provided minimal steering. The kayak did have a huge amount of storage but it made you pay for it. I would recommend this boat only for strong paddlers. It is a wickedly heavy beast. This is definately not a good day trip or even two day trip tandem.

I bought this boat in '97 knowing very little about the sport or the company. Now, with hindsight I feel I can give a realistic review. The construction itself is quite sturdy thus the 60+ pounds in weight. I beat that boat up in the Great Lakes and it held together quite well. It had great initial stability but was problematic to get into. I'm 6' and around 190lbs. The foot pegs in mine were not adjustable so longer rides just were not comfortable. It did track very well and never needed a rudder in my opinion. The plastic was a bit soft and by the time I sold it it had quite a few gouges in it. For a beginner that is only going to do some sporadic paddling this boat will suffice. Car topping the manteo with all its weight is a bit more challenging.