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Having recently aquired back/leg problems,I sold my kayaks,and went back to canoes. The former owner of a canoe I bought suggested checking out Chosen Valley Canoe Accessories Tractor seat back band to help support my back. I contacted Kevin of CVCA, and he asked for pictures of my canoe seat, since it was a fairly rare model. Within a couple of weeks I recieved my back band. With the back band came a very good picture and written explaination of the installation process. Installation was a snap, and the back band fit perfect. The real test came the next day, paddling the canoe. After a few adjustments I knew it was just the ticket. The band rests just above my lower back and gives excellent support. I believe it also added speed to the canoe, because it gave me something to push against, instead of rocking back in the seat. The quality is outstanding.

Well, I can not add anything more than what was said by the posters below. If you want a very well made, fast and stable kayak stop looking elsewhere. Yes ordering online takes a great leap of faith, but the positive reviews here on this site and talking to some owners online convinced me. The money back guarantee, unheard of in this industry, just made it a no-brainer.

The 500X I bought was Kevlar with a rudder. After researching all models on the net for about a year before buying, I am convinced that you will not find a similar new model anywhere for the price. If you have any questions contact me at my profile, and I will be happy to answer your questions. If you live in southeast PA. maybe we can set up a demo paddle. No, I do not work for QCC. I just want to help a company that has treated me very well, and their boats should set the standard for other companies to follow.