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Name: tjhunt

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I purchased this boat in the fall of 2003 and wanted to log a few hundred miles on it before I offered a review. Mine is black gold/kevlar with cherry trim, and even with all the scratches it still looks pretty sweet. As my boat was purchased on a pro deal, I was informed up front that it might be subject to some cosmetic imperfections, and there were a few minor ones.

I paddle primarily rivers, typically nothing more than class II, and use mostly straight shaft paddles and sometimes a bent if I paddle some long open stretches of water that I want to cover quickly; no hit-and-switch, though. The boat is probably tippy for the novice, but the secondary stability is fantastic. The differential rocker really enhances the tracking, yet it turns quick enough for most twisty maneuvers around deadfall and rock gardens. If you are experienced enough to use weight shifts to change the pitch, such as a high kneel thrust, the turning is incredible. Effortless acceleration, good glide, and at 38 lbs., make this my all around favorite solo.