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Name: Xtempore

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Last Friday my wife and I took the boats with us to work so that we could put in as soon as possible that afternoon. With the trailer packed in the garage the night before we can easily get an early start. The mechanical engineers at the plant were all over this trailer. They were blown away with the high quality welds, the suspension system, the gorgeous wheels and the modular construction.

I've had my RackandRoll out a couple of times now and am completely delighted with the performance. So far I am down to five minutes break-down time. This includes removing the wheels and securing the trailer to the garage wall. The securing levers at the break points all have key locks.

I really enjoy having a trailer and am thrilled to have my RackandRoll, but I never write a review without finding something negative to say. I'll do what I can to nitpick, but it's a stretch! Probably brings my true rating down to 9.9.

The bars only separate by 4 feet. Probably a good tradeoff between spacing and trailer weight/cost, but if all else were equal, I would rather have 5 feet for my sea kayaks.

The wiring for the taillights was dressed in a simple loop with a cable tie. I felt the need to dress it up with a couple more ties. The butt connectors in this wiring are exposed to road splash, so I covered them with some liquid electrical tape.

The license plate is just a stainless bracket with a couple of holes for the plates top holes. License plates are thin these days, at least in my state. And when the trailer is stored in my garage, the plate sticks out at ankle height. I bought a license plate frame to protect the plate and passersbys. And I added a some aluminum plate to the back of the frame for a little more strength. The trailer, license, locks and Thule gear are expensive. But you really get what you pay for in this case. Or, sometimes, what your wife pays for and gives you for your birthday! __big grin__

By the way, I agree with the previous review that the manufacturer's customer support is absolutely SUPURB! Fast and very effective, even with questions that have to be referred to engineers. You wind up feeling like you have a friend looking out for you!