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Name: DannyGee

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I've owned my RapidFire for a month now, and everything about this boat is great! Recently on a canoe camping trip in the Adirondacks, I easily packed everything I needed to camp for three days, including 15 firewood logs, with no loss of stability and room to spare. It's so fast that I could speed from shore to shore in the fairly large lakes in seconds, and it easily outpaced my friend who was paddling another brand of solo canoe (I'd stop to fish while he was paddling hard, then race up and pass him with ease). This boat does not require a lot of energy to power it forward - it slides through the water gracefully, with little effort. And at 26 pounds it is also super easy to lift - I can move it anywhere by myself! Many thanks to Joe at Placid Boatworks - he cares about his boats and his customers. Great boat!