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Name: tedjr55

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I purchased two Advanced Elements kayaks about three years ago from REI Sports. I had used regular hull kayaks before but once I saw how compact these boats were in their carry bags I was sold. I drive a compact car and the thought of shlepping two full size Kayaks on my roof was daunting. After having put many satisfied hours in these boats since then, I can honestly say that they were a great investment. Yes, they take some effort to inflate, (I use the hand pump that Advanced Elements makes)and have even resorted to a 12V. pump at times although I use the hand pump for final pressures. Getting them back in their bags takes some effort as well, but I still would much rather deal with the effort involved with these boats and enjoy the major comfort advantage over a rigid hull boat anyday!

Sitting in these boats is so relaxing as you are literally sitting on air! They track well, move gracefully through the water and unlike most rigid hulls, they are very stable. Like I said earlier, I've had mine (Advanced Frame Expedition and Advanced Frame) for about 3 years now with no discernible wear or damage and I see them lasting a good long time with care.

I HIGHLY recommend these boats! I often get comments from other boaters who had never seen either an inflatable Kayak or one from Advanced Elements and they all are very impressed.

Decided to buy two kayaks this year but my small car would not have held the weight on the roof. Found Advanced Elements inflatables and bought two. About the only drawback is the time and effort it takes to deflate and get back into their bags. Other than that, these boats are great! They track well, are super stable and so comfortable I'm tempted at times to drop anchor and take a nap! Very well made, tough material that I've tested on rocky surfaces already, they seem like they'll hold up for years. Highly recommended!