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Name: Hueycrew

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Great kayak/canoe hybrid. Room, versatile, many extra components can be added without cluttering your area. Extremely durable. Rides & tracks well, turns well. A very comfortable seat. My fourth kayak and first from Wilderness Systems.

Was going to purchase one of the Native kayaks with the foot paddling feature for my wife. We went to a facility and tested 6 of these on a lake. Every foot peddle device broke on all 6 new Native Kayaks. I am glad I tested before purchasing.
The store owner told me that once his inventory of Native Kayaks were gone, he would not be selling any more from this company. Every single one that he sold has come back for repairs. It seemed like such a nice feature, maybe Native should rethink the engineering on this device or go with another supplier...possible shimano or similar. Someone that has been in the sprocket business for awhile.
We ended up with a Hobie for the wife. It is a wonderful canoe, no issues. This is our fourth kayak that we own, still have all of them. Ocean, Wilderness Systems, 2 Hobies, and a Mad River Canoe. We are avid paddlers.