Name: kenelkins

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I remember really wanting one of these a few years back. I was able to paddle one this past weekend. My friend was not sure when he bought it, but was sure it was at least five years ago. I fit easily, 6'1" and 250 lbs. Open water would not be its forte, but it was great for slipping up the small creeks that fed the lake I was in. The cockpit was roomy enough to allow a little fishing and carry a small gear box. Easy to maneuver and carry. I may have to think about a small kayak again.

I have paddled my fishing buddies several times on lakes to fly fish. Not very fast, but very stable. Plenty of room for equipment and your catch. This boat is heavy for it's size, so it is nice to have help if loading and unloading from a car top. Boat gets lots of use and has held up well.

Plenty of room in the cockpit to move around and carry a full tackle box. Crosswinds can be a little problematic for this particular boat. Without crosswind it tracks really well for what it is. Works fine in slow moving rivers too. Beginners are very comfortable with this kayak.

I love this kayak! It is fast! Sit on top, fishing, touring, surfing, it can do it all. I'm a big guy, 6'1" 255 pounds and even with 100 plus pounds of gear, this boat is fine. It tracks like it is on rails. My buddy has stood in it fishing, so I know it is possible, I just have never tried it myself. No reservations on recommending this kayak.

My first fishing kayak. Great boat, very stable. It has easy access for getting in and out with a large opening, and a skirt is available for it as well. Wish the thief that took it from my truck had just walked on by. Most everyone who paddled it, liked it. It is good for all skill levels. Rotomold plastic was tough and durable.

Paddled my friends Perception Carolina 160 Sunday at Lake Hickory. I have been a sit on top fishing guy but found this to be quick and straight tracking. It was enjoyable enough for me to start dreaming about kayaking while not fishing. He taught me to roll it, bring on the big water! I will be definitely trying out the competition before a purchase, but I was impressed.

If you want a fast sit on top, look no further. This kayak fishes big water with ease and gets you from point A to point B easier than any other fishing rigs I paddle. Not stable enough for this fat man 255 lbs. to stand in, but I have seen others pull it off. I only transport it in my pickup because it is a little heavy to hoist on top of the SUV by myself with a cranky lower back. The seat is one of the better for my fragile back. If you saltwater fish, this is your weapon.

Paddled for the first time Sunday. (friends boat) WS Tarpon has me spoiled. 8mph wind kept me constantly correcting. Seating not good for my cranky lower back. I did have good access to all my fly fishing gear and stability was excellent. Okay for the lake I was on. But I would not be on the ocean with it.

Paddled two different Ultimate 12's this past week. This is definitely going on my short list for my next freshwater fishing machine. The adjustable seat is wonderful, the best for my back I've ever paddled. It tracked pretty well and is really easy to fish from.

I didn't really see or feel the flex others complain about in either boat. High sides require a long paddle if you are short. There is lots of easy to reach storage. I would like to see this boat in a composite or lighter weight material for ease of loading and portage. Reasonably fast for a 12 footer fishing machine.
One complaint, this is not a dry riding boat.