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Name: sankamatt

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After looking and trying numerous small canoes to use for extended trips into the wilderness I bought a Spitfire 13. The 13 gives you a little extra room for storage compared to the smaller Spitfire. Made of a kevlar weave and carbon, it is a lightweight 20 lbs. meant for tripping on small ponds and rivers. As in any small canoe, the width is thin which means be careful getting in and out. Once in though, it is not tippy at all and is even more steady with a load. Turns nice and you can lean far over without a problem. I can finally keep up with kayaks without a problem. I found my pack canoe wide and slow... not this one. It is a very pretty boat and I still get compliments even after beating it up for 2 years; the white bottom helps hide scratches that happen. Use the kayak paddle and have fun