Name: RandyJohnson

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I have a Bell Magic Black Gold canoe. It is the most enjoyable canoe of all the 25 canoes and kayaks I own. I often find myself solo paddling a canoe in more situations than in tandem, I really enjoy the responsiveness and secondary stability of the Bell Magic canoe. It is fast and nimble while being stable and controllable even in big lakes and waves as found when I paddle in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

I often have my dog, a Golden Retriever, with me while I paddle. With the design of the thwarts and seat, I can easily adjust the trim of the canoe when I bring my dog canoeing with me.

The Bell Magic canoe is a fast canoe most suitable for lake travel, and it holds its heading very easily. It is light weight and is a dream to portage, especially on long portages in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

I have used my Bell Magic for over 7 years. It has become my favorite canoe of the 24 canoes I own, including the Yellowstone Solo by Bell. I have found that the Kevlar Magic is not only light weight at 34 lbs. but it is fast, stable (in secondary stability), predictable in waves and rough waters, turns nicely on it's chine, and does quite well on extended wilderness trips. Mine is the "Black Gold" model with wood trim and a cane seat. I usually kneel on a nice canoe pad while using a 54" bent shaft paddle. For open water I bring a Werner Camano kayak paddle and of course a straight shaft paddle works well when I canoe with my dog as a passenger (for fast and predictable correction strokes and braces) or when I want to just "play" with this canoe.