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Name: gwmiller

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I have waited a while after buying my Q500X to post this review as I wasn't really sure if I had made the correct decision. I am now sure I have. The final positive factor was a multi-day trip this past weekend.

This kayak can haul tons of gear, which is exactly what I wanted it to do. The hatches are huge and the capacity is enormous. No more backpacking stoves for us, the rear hatch swallows a two burner propane stove with ease. Just keep shoving stuff in and push off. The boat barely sinks further in the water and is still fast and smooth. I love it.

Originally I was not sure it fit very well, and an email to Steve got me a thigh support pillow and turned the seat into a comfortable place. The cockpit is very large, and at 6'4" and 210, I still have lots of room left over. I did have to pad up the underside of the cockpit for a better fit. If I had to do it over again I would not pay for the thigh supports as my thighs come no where near them.

The boat lean turns very easily, behaves fairly well in the wind, handles waves with ease, and is very fast. According to my GPS I have hit 7+ MPH in short bursts. It isn't the sleekest looking kayak, but the workmanship is exemplary and the customer service excellent. Get one.

You have to ask why the instructions are so vague. Shouldn't be that hard to redo. I struggled trying to figure out which way the block/tackle was to be set up. Once I finally figured it out, the rest went up quickly. I used ceiling joists and did not attach a separate board as in the instructions. Hoists my Q500X into my garage ceiling very well! I wonder about long term usage of the narrow web straps on the hull, anyone have any thoughts?