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Name: anniemerritt

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After purchasing an inflatable last spring from Sea Eagle, I was very unhappy with the performance and skeptical that any inflatable would make me happy. Then I learned of Advanced Elements and purchased the AF Sport. I also ordered the backbone after reading reviews online. The rest is happy history!

I immediately bought a second and they are always in the back of my CRV so that I can be spontaneous with anyone interested in joining me. I use a 12 volt pump but top off the main chamber and floor with a foot pump. Two of us together can have both kayaks ready to go in under ten minutes. Tracking is very good and the seat is way more comfortable over time than a hard-shell. Sometimes windy conditions can be a challenge, but not unmanageable.

People are always stopping me to ask questions and are impressed that I don't need a rack and can lift these myself. I am strong but now over 60 and must look ahead because I have many years yet that I hope to enjoy the water. Love these kayaks!