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Name: Chethro

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I’ve had my RapidFire for a few years now. It came with non-tinted clear coat, cherry rails and cane seat. I must say it the best boat I have owned. It is a pleasure to paddle and it has great glide. There is no problem with tracking on windy days and it is very stable. I did change the cane seat to a web seat and added the new carbon seat pedestals made by Placid Boatworks.

In three seasons of use, I have only had one problem. I backed up into a sharp edge on a stump and made a very tiny crack on the side of the boat in the clear gelcoat. The repair was easily fixed with the materials and instructions supplied by Joe. I use the boat primarily for long hours of fishing. Each trip is usually around 10-15 miles and I spend around 50 days a year on the water. The boat gets a lot of use and it still looks great! The bottom scratch coat surface has very few scratches and that is amazing considering I go over logs and stumps every time I go out. This spring I will probably re-coat the gunwales for the first time. I could just do a couple of small areas where I have worn the finish down, but I figure after 3 years of use why not do it all. My paddle of choice is a 47" bent Gillespie with a powersurge blade. I can get 3-4 stokes per side and just sit and switch effortlessly.

I would definitely buy another boat from Joe. The folks at Placid Boatworks make a quality product and they are great to deal with.