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This is an update on my previous review (7-31-07). I've now…

This is an update on my previous review (7-31-07).
I've now had the kayak for some time and have made many trips in a variety of conditions. I've found that it handles well both loaded with camping gear and relatively empty. I have the smart rudder on it (an option that's worth the few extra bucks).

I'm glad I got the Kevlar model but it shows the scratches more easily than the plastic boats. I've already got my first few dings and scratches so I'm not quite as worried about it when I go out. I've not had bulkhead leaking problems but have found additional "finishing touches" that Current Designs needs to fix. Whenever they drill a hole for something, they end up chipping the Kevlar/Gel Coat most of the time. I opted to have the manufacturer send the gel coat and repair kit to me rather than have the dealer fix it... or Current Designs (thinking that I needed to know how to do it anyway). It wasn't too difficult, but it's a bit harder than they indicated it would be.

I love this kayak! It's so far above my prior kayaks in terms of fit and performance that there is little comparison. I've taken some longer trips in it and ended up getting an inflatable back support and a gel cushion from Skwoosh (sp?) via the Internet. Both help... but when paddling hard and using my legs/glutes in the process, my butt begins to get sore in spite of the gel seat. I'm not sure there's a good fix but I'll keep working on it.

All in all, I am very, very happy with the kayak. The problems I've found are more cosmetic. Oh..and one thing that really needs to be fixed is the sharp edge on the seat back. It's covered with a very think stretchy nylon. When leaning back into the seat, it comes into contact with the cockpit rim and the sharp edge of the seat back cuts the nylon i.e. makes a hole where it hits the cockpit rim. I put a velcro self sticking patch over each hole and removed the cover on the seat back, sandpapered the sharp edge and used black plastic self sticking auto trip (used for edges on cars in a variety of applications) and put it on the edge of the seat back. It looks good and helps protect the material from further damage. Anyone getting a new Current Design kayak should take a look at the seat back for this kind of problem. Remove the cover from the seat back and make SURE that there's not a sharp edge. I suspect that it's a problem with most of the Current Design Kayaks.

I just ordered the Titan Low Volume model in Kevlar after trying a large number of kayaks. I'm 6'2" and 240 lbs and found the Titan a bit too large for me. The Low Volume model (relatively new) is designed for guys of my size with a stated capacity of 160 to 280.

Those looking for a larger kayak (it has the same dimensions except for the height as the Titan) and are in my size/weight range, might want to consider this as an option to the full sized Titan. I found the thigh braces too high for me on the Titan but perfect on the Titan LV (Low Volume).