Name: Chuck

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I was looking for a fishing kayak and researched all of the reviews to find a quality boat. The prowler 13' & 15' were both highly rated and a local outfitting company had a demonstration day on June 19th. I was able to try both of them out and liked the tracking and speed of the 15'.

I ordered the Prowler 15' angler with rudder and the H1 & H2 front and center hatches.

The boat finally came in on July 15th. The only problem was that it came in without the center hatch and the rudder. I left the boat at the store and the people there installed the rudder and hatch. "Great"

Picked up the Prowler on July 23rd. All the accessories were installed.

Didn't get a chance to use the kayak until August 3rd. It was a little heavy getting on my vehicle, but manageable. The kayak tracked and had good speed, really enjoyed it.

Went to take it out of the water and found that it was a lot heavier then I thought. I solved that problem, I drained several gallons of water out of the inside of the kayak.

I then took it home and leak tested it and found a hole half way up one of the scupper holes. Contacted Ocean Kayak and they said to return it to store and they would build a new one and ship it out.

It's September 21st now and I went to pick up my new kayak. Finally we're going to get a kayak and it’s been leak tested. Went to the store and it was still in the wrapper.

My enthusiasm was soon diffused when the new boat I was about to receive didn't have the center hatch and the rudder.

Give me my money back. I got a credit immediately.

I'm very disappointed with the Ocean Kayak quality control, and the 3-months from the date of order that they still couldn't get it right. It's too bad, I really enjoyed the boat for the one day I used it.

They get a 1-star for that one day. BEWARE.