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Name: andydna

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This is a 2013 Wilderness System Tarpon 160. I would give this kayak a 10, except for a few problems:

First the front hatch design. The design on the front hatch is designed so that water is retained around the hatch, if you open the hatch without tilting the yak onto the side to drain it, water will be going into the hull. The seal also does not seal well, so if water is retained on the hatch it will leak in a little, it's not going to sink you, but you should not leave anything inside that water could hurt outside of a waterproof container. The first time I took this kayak out I was in 3' to 4' swells and had my good camera inside the hatch between my legs and it was damaged (It was not in a waterproof container) I always carried my camera in the same way on my Tarpon 100 without any problems with water leaking in unless I did not close the hatch.

Secondly I also notice that when you beach this kayak in the surf it retains water in the back end (not sure what you call that area where you carry your bigger items on top and behind you). All right, just make sure all you items you are carrying are waterproofed as needed to protect what you are carrying.

The kayak is awesome otherwise.

I bought it without a rudder and it is slow to turn without it a real bear in the wrong waves and winds. I bought a rudder and had it installed. The kayak tracks very straight even without a rudder but by putting the rudder on it, it turns great and even in the wind she is sweat. She will stay straight with any wind coming at her from any angle. I also have a 2012 Tarpon 100 and when you're in any wind you are going to have to work harder on your paddling on one side or the other (Of course in Mangroves it is sweat also).

Both yaks are awesome in their respected uses. Just make sure you keep anything of value that cannot take water (Camera's, Cell Phones...) in waterproof containers. Of course this is good advice with any time you’re on water in any watercraft, But I love to take pictures and love to have a camera easily accessible to take pictures when I see the shot I want, I want to take it now.

I would not get rid of either of my yaks, they are both overall great.