Name: sailor144

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Just took delivery of my Titan, Kevlar lay up, and overall I was very pleased. It fits me very well, as I am 6'5", 255#, with Size 14 shoe. Plenty of room, but also have the ability to snug up the thigh brace area, by adding another 1/4" of foam. Rudder is SeaDog, and the cleat on the hull to assist in keeping tension on the rudder by inserting the control bungee was too small.

Very responsive to paddling, except for turning, but I didn't buy it for its turning ease, just for straight ahead speed and comfort. Storage is huge as you can imagine.

This was a 2006 boat, and the bulk heads are going through a running change according to the factory. Used to be both ABS, then ABS with glass reinforcement on the rear(just between the bulkhead and the hull under the waterline. New boats now are using all glass bulkheads. Factory shipped me , no charge, fiberglass bulkhead retrofit kits, so if I am so inclined, I can change them out. My rear is reinforced, so the most I will do now is reinforce the front, then keep my eye on them, and change if needed.

Overall, superb quality! My first CD, and I was impressed.