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I have been paddling for 3 full years now. I purchased the Quoddy Lite the beginning of last season (2003). I went from a heavy 50 lb touring kayak with a large cockpit to the Lincoln Touring with a small cockpit. I wanted something lighter that I could manuever myself ,if I had to, and also something that I could learn to play around with and have some fun. Maybe learn to roll! (I'm not quite as young as I used to be). The Quoddy Lite I purchased is made of kevlar and fiberglass and has a small, 17" cockpit. It's overall length is 12' 6" long. It didn't take too long before I fell in love with it. One problem that I had adjusting was getting in and out of the kayak with out dumping it! I still have and occassional swim without planniing on it. The Kayak is quite easy to maneuver and is fast. I think the Quoddy Lite is a good kayak and I would recommend it. I decided to try and kayak over a beaver damn while fighting a strong courant. After quite a while of fighting with the courant, I WON! If I had been in my old kayak, I never would have had the muscle power to do it. I was so proud of myself. I am out state and the sales staff made the the whole purchase go quite smoothly. If I had any questions, they were there to answer and mailed items to my home if I needed anything. I met the gentlemen who made my kayak and he is quite interesting and dedicated to his profession. Good Luck to eveyone who is purchising kayaks this year, it is a great hobby.

My husband and I recently purchased 2 Pungos by Wilderness Systems. We love them! This is our first year kayaking and after turning 50 years old, who would have ever thought we would begin kayaking!! Now it's our time for fun and that is exactly what we're doing! Seriously, we do love them and highly recommend them if anyone is in the process of looking. "Good Luck" Ann Marie & Bob