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The Pelican exopod 24 L fits well in the stern of my Pelican Intrepid 120X. It holds a decent amount of gear for a day trip & will float if it goes overboard. The one drawback is that it is not waterproof so I only keep things like my bilge pump & tow rope inside. A person could insert a dry bag but that just seems to defeat the purpose. Unless I am on a short day trip, I just toss a dry bag in the stern instead.

I purchased the NRS 65L Bill's Bag for canoe/kayak trips in northern Minnesota. I already owned a few dry bags but wanted something with straps like a backpack in case I ever had to portage. The 65L NRS Bill's bag not only has the needed straps but is very durable and has plenty of space for my gear as well as, of course, being waterproof. One thing to keep in mind is that this is not a backpack for long hikes as I believe the straps would become uncomfortable but for transporting from lake to camp or portaging it is perfect. Although this has nothing to do with the products performance, I also like that my name (Bill) is already on the bag. I would highly recommend the NRS 65L Bill's Bag to anyone looking for a quality dry pack for any water based type of trip.

I purchased the Symbiosa Carbon Kayak Paddle directly from Pelican and it is a great paddle. It is lightweight, durable, the length is adjustable and it has a built-in whistle. I have used this paddle on several lakes and on a 3 day 2 night trip down a river, it met or exceeded all of my expectations.

I saw a review stating that the shaft was aluminum wrapped in carbon fiber... mine is not, it is all carbon fiber. My paddle is plain white with the Pelican name in black on the blade. I believe the previous review was referring to the less expensive "Adjustable Symbiosa Kayak Paddle", which is aluminum wrapped in carbon fiber. I own the "Adjustable Symbiosa Carbon Kayak Paddle" which is awesome!

The Pelican 120x is my first kayak and I think it is a great touring kayak for beginners and intermediate paddlers alike. I have toured a few lakes, camped on an island and taken a 3 day 2 night trip down the St. Louis river in Minnesota, it performed flawlessly. It is light, durable, easy to paddle, tracks well and is very stable. I can store my 65L NRS dry pack in the rear, my sleeping mat strapped to the deck & my 10L dry bag (food storage) in front of my feet which is plenty of storage for most trips. I would definitely consider purchasing a Pelican brand kayak when looking in the future.