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Name: sscooper1

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I have had my discovery 169 for over 30 years. It looks as good as the day I bought it except for some bottom scratches. Capacity is great. Many trips with two additional people in low slung beach chairs. These things were definitely built to last. I have always kept stored inside. The poly will fade if stored outside. It does not do to well paddling solo.

I have had my OK scrambler for over 25 years. It has held up well. Works great getting through the surf. In calm water it is a relatively dry ride even for a 215 # paddler with scupper plugs in seat. I typically carry cooler in back and dolly strapped to front. It quickly moves to secondary stability if you reach around to cooler. Takes a little getting use to. Keep this yak stored out of the elements and a quick rinse after salt water use, and it will look great and last forever.

I have had this kayak about 15 years. Great yak for the price was short on tie down points for rear area, but was easy to add some. Stability is great. You can sit sideways with feet in water and not tip. Trade off is it is relatively slow because of the width. You can use scupper plugs and stay dry as long as you don't bring in paddle water. As a side, I use the cheap foam golf balls you can buy at walmart etc for scupper plugs. They work great.