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The Orca 16 is a new boat from P&H. With a length of 15'3" and 23" wide, it's made of triple-layer polyethylene, which makes it fairly light at 52 pounds, and stiff as well. The Orca has the same rubber Kajaksport hatch covers as its bigger brother, the Capella, and so far, I've had no water in the bulkheads.

Compared to the Capella, this boat has more initial stability and is designed more for flat water and daytrips, although the bow and stern compartments have room for plenty of storage. Boat tracks very straight, even for a new kayaker like me, and takes edged turns well. Gas-pedal type foot braces are sturdy; in fact, a major reason I picked this boat over the Perception Sonoma 13.5 and CD Squamish is the overall great quality P&H shows in this kayak.

Also, I have lower-back pain, and this was the most comfortable seat I found. The large cockpit allows for cowboy-style re-entry. All in all, a great kayak from a high-quality manufacturer for just under $1,000.