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What a Great Product. The only difficulty I had really was finding the studs/joists in my garage to properly secure the thing. But that's my deal, not theirs. I used the 4 point lift system that's designed for a large canoe or small boat. But I'm using it for 2 kayaks. So the only thing I found not easy to set up was to level the cords' knots that are actually holding the boat straps up. It only took about a half hour to fine tune and has worked great since.

I just returned from a 2 day 12 mile river trip. My new Stohlquist Brik PFD did great. I have the mango and it goes great with my white breeze. I have no chafing on my arms or shoulders and overall the fit was great. I got a medium and was a little frustrated by the fact that the shoulder straps seemed long. They tightened up enough to be snug but it looks as though it was built for an extremely tall person. I am 5'10" by the way.