Name: lynnew

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We have been using the Whisper paddle from Bending Branches for three years. We like it a lot. We are beginning kayakers and nearly always on calm waters, but have lent the paddle to friends who are more accomplished. They liked it too.

It is light weight, especially for the materials (aluminum shaft, plastic blades). Our friend who borrowed it has other paddles of fancier, lighter weight materials. She was surprised at how light weight this paddle was. You can butterfly the blades or have them straight. Our strokes are powerful enough for our paddling, but we can't compare it to other paddles.

So, why not give it a 10? A few reasons. First, a product has to be perfect to be a ten. This one is a great product, a great balance of cost and performance, but perfect? That's a tall order. Also, I'd prefer a material other than aluminum for the shaft for safety sake (as in lightening). But for the cost, this may be one of the best paddles out there!