Name: wmclift

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I have had my Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 for a few years. It's my first kayak and it's performed beyond my expectations. I have used my Tsunami 145 in lakes, slow moving rivers and on the Mendocino Coast. It's definitely an all around kayak. It tracks well, has plenty of room to get in and out. It also has lots of storage place if your interested in overnight kayak camping.

I bought the Wilderness System Commander 120 for my girlfriend because of it's stability. It's a hybrid kayak/canoe. It's very stable and would be hard to flip over so it feels really safe for her. It's for one person but has two seats that could be used. One is adjustable and sits lower and the other is hard fixed and would be good for fishing. I have even taken it out on the ocean in Mendocino County. Does great in lakes.