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Name: lrpavlo

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62 year old male 5'8" 230 pounds wanting to go faster than my 14' exocet marlin carbon. Use in intra coastal waterways. Needed something for racing that has enough volume to support the winter gains! Pros Glide, weight, way it cuts though waves, looks, has bow attachment! One of the few boards a heavy guy can use! Cons Wish they had put the side handles on it! It needs a different fin! I'm experimenting, it sure is squirrelly going down wind! Water does stay where you stand so when you sit down you get wet butt! Usage Racing, exercise,

First "Downwind" run 10/26...about 4 miles winds 10 - 13mph. Waves much bigger than I would have thought! I had trouble in 4" waves before, today they were running about a foot! This thing is fast! I was off the board in an hour! I did go down to my knees to cross a 3' wake and was not paddling hard, plus I stop to drink...finished up a water bottle! Pros This board handles rough water a whole lot better than my Bote HD. I'm really liking the 7 - 9 paddle strokes per side before switching on my Bote it was 4 - 6. Much better glide Cons I'm going to have to learn how to do fast turns!! Now that I can go out in rough conditions (well I can either go into or with....BUT not sideways!) Usage Touring...exercise though I'm now thinking maybe next year the causeway to causeway race!!

14' x 30" wide 340 liters volume, 33 lbs in Carbon. Strange looking bow that provides lots of floatation yet a fairly clean entry into chop. Pretty easy to turn with a bow rudder. Plenty of deck tie downs built in including one in the bow. 5 deck tie down points built into the stern. Pros Great glide, good choppy water handling, easy turning yet great tracking. Dry ride, lots of deck tie downs, bow tie down! Cons Expensive in Carbon, but when you are old every pound you have to lift to the roof rack hurts more than the lighter wallet. Not sure how the finish will hold up to 3x per week use. 14 feet in the wind when you are carrying by youself is something...This thing sticks out of the water a paddling in wind a leash is a good idea as you won't catch it if you fall off! Usage Touring/Exercise

I'm 240 lbs, haven't used it to fish but needed something faster. I'm able to keep up with an older friend on a race board for most paddling. Much better going into waves than a flat board, more stable than most flat boards too!

Stability, speed, looks, (get lots of compliments) space to put life jacket and things!

I have the aqua color which I love but when it scratches, I haven't found a good touch up color!
Exercise touring

Lots of compliments on the looks, very stable for 250 lb…

Lots of compliments on the looks, very stable for 250 lb male!
Bow is quiet in chop, much easier going into the wind, very good speed

Stability! Speed! Looks!

The aqua color is hard to match when it scratches!
Exercise, photography, playing with the manatees!