Name: mikemammen

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I think it is time for a review that is not 10+ years old even if the hull has not changed. I own both a Foster/Rowe Silhouette and a Seaward Silhouette. I like the cockpit on the Foster/Rowe, small ocean cockpit, no thigh braces, just roll your knees from side to side. In 2010 I traded a 2008 QCC in Kevlar for this 1990's something Silhouette. ((serial number is not readable so not sure what year the Foster/Rowe is)). I started paddling in 2007 and because of this buying/trading experience, I suggest that you paddle before you buy and see what kind of kayak suits you best. I have found that I like "greenland" style best for me. I would have saved lots of cash if I would have educated myself first and went to some "demo-days" instead of looking at a website and go "WOW, thats a pretty color" and buy it. Also, if you're new, TAKE LESSONS!! I would not be kayaking today if I would not have taken lessons.

I took what seat was in the Foster/Rowe out and sit on the floor with a pad and added side pads and put some padding under the deck. I also took it to a pro and had that company do a gel-coat job and take what scratch's were on it out. Both the hull and deck are white, at first I thought I would not like the kayak but the 1st time out was enough to convince me that I would like it a lot and I do.

The Seaward Silhouette is... what can I say? It's made by Seaward. Great company support. At the advice of the designer, I had Seaward build the kayak in stock form but Seaward will go the extra mile to build you a kayak to what ever way you want built. The difference between the the two are minimal. The Foster/Rowe is fiberglass with an ocean cockpit and wire operated composite made skeg. The Seaward is Kevlar, regular cockpit and slide operated stainless steel skeg. The footrest are the best I have used and adjust very easy while you sit in the cockpit.

The Silhouette has been dubbed a "woman's boat", that's ok, I like woman, and at my size, 5'9" 130lb I find the Silhouette to fit me well. I will not mention anything about edging, rolling, or any paddling skills used for the Silhouette. What works for me on this kayak would be different for someone else. I have paddled a Nigel Foster Shadow and I felt like I got swallowed by a big fish and there is no way I could paddle the Shadow the same way I paddle the Silhouette. Also, if you weigh 200+lbs the Silhouette is not for you. That's why I say "paddle before you buy".

Since I have owned the Foster/Rowe a few years I knew what I wanted when I ordered the Seaward because the most important part of a kayak, the hull, not color, has not changed since its birth no matter what company has made it. Also, I have made 5 day camping trips with nothing but a paddle float, water pump & water on the deck with plenty of room so I have no problems with the so called low volume as some have said. When I buy camping gear I have kayaking on my mind. The only reason I give the Silhouette a "9" is because nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement on anything.