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Name: prijonmaniac

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Well, I STILL have my Schoodic and have determined that it WILL be the last kayak I'll ever own. It's a good length, tracks well, and is fast! Friends who have tried it out are in envy. Awesome boat!

This is the newest model Lincoln has produced. These boats aren't mass produced but rather hand-crafted and to individual color and material specifications if you so desire. Mine is the lightest boat in its class weighing in at only 39 lbs in Kevlar and so easy to manage. The boat is also available in glass and carbon. A creative and flexible person can load this boat up for several days excursion. The mold dictates it having a skeg which I personally would not have opted to have and see this as this design's only flaw. The forward day hatch eliminates the need to use a deck bag which offers less drag. The deck itself is a nice 13" height which give you a dry paddling experience. The ability to turn and paddle through rougher surf and wind conditions is dependent on skill level so naturally a novice might find it does not turn on command. I consider myself to be an intermediate level paddler and find it very responsive. I chose to add foam knee pads and installed Yak Pads for my feet to enhance my own personal comfort level. There is plenty of rigging with no need to add any. I would sincerely recommend this boat to anyone who is passionate about paddling. These boats don't come cheap but they are well worth the investment to have the Sandy Martin design and craftsmanship!