Name: bellmagic

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I'm not actually sure which Zaveral paddle I have used for about 25 years, both in races and in recreational paddling. The weight I remember is 8.5 oz, and they are as perfect a paddle as I have ever owned. They are light, and with the 12 degree bend, very comfortable shaft, and slightly textured palm grip, allow you to paddle all day if necessary. I've raced in rivers in March and April, with ice and occasional rocks, and paddle until I can't in November and December, and although they've picked up light scratches over the years they have aged better than I have. Like great canoes, these paddles are one of the best investments you can make. Take care of them, and they will always take care of you.

I've had a Voyager for about 5 years, and love the canoe. I traded up from a Bell Magic (also great), because of the need for more capacity (4-legged companion and gear). I did raise the seat for more leverage, and didn't notice any initial stability problems with the c of g shift. I did have to make a cover for paddling on windy days by myself, but that's the only minor drawback.