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Nice lightweight (under 50 pounds) sit-on-top. The hard plastic allows for finer lines than any polyethylene boat. I test paddled the ultimate version with a removable seat and bigger front hatch. The seat was comfortable but raised the center of gravity. So i opted for the standard model with a regular kayak seat on the floor of the hull. Puts your body more in touch with the boat. The seat back is nicely shaped to your back and is ventilated. Very comfortable on the showroom floor. But when you put on a standard life jacket the foam slab on the back of your life jacket instantly nullifies those seat back qualities. I suggest you invest in one of newer jacket models without a back. Then the seat is VERY comfortable. The only two things i would quibble about is the cupholder which is too far forward and the paddle keeper bungee which is on the left side and to the rear, not very easy to access for righthanded paddlers. Pretty colors and shiny finish, very attractive boat!

Surprised the Old Town Hunter hasn't been reviewed here before. It's been out of production for a long time and probably didn't sell in big numbers but it was a fine boat. They do show up from time to time on Craigslist.

I bought mine in 1987 and paddled it for about 15 years. Regret to this day selling it and would love to have another. The boat is made of Royalex, is 14' long and 36" wide. The bottom is flat and the sides are square.

Great initial stability for fishing. And the flat bottom made it very easy to turn when going downstream. It weighed in at 53 pounds. It was ideal for car-topping and fishing small lakes too.

This review is for the Spring Creek add-on 12" wheels and Universal Receiver, not to be confused with the Spring Creek cart.

I've had several carts but they seem like toys compared to this one. The aluminum bars are beautifully finished with robust welds that will outlast anyone who buys it. The universal receiver is a square aluminum tube that is easily attached and detached to the canoe and spans the width of it. Once you have the receiver you can add other accessories like stability floats, a rowing kit, and in this case, 12" wheels.

It has no axle so ground clearance is incredible. But the best feature, to me, is that you can cart the canoe on it right-side up OR upside-down. I can't think on any other cart that lets you move your boat around upside down, and store it that way on the cart if you like.

It's a bit more expensive than other carts but as the saying goes: "Buy the best, you only cry once."