Name: TN-RiverRat

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Just finished my first weekend lake/river trip in my new OT Loon 138. Overall I was very pleased with the craft's performance. The polylink 3 material does help insulate the colder water temperature. The stability was very high. Speed was adequate, especially for a boat this wide. Turning is slower than some other kayaks, but the boat isn't made to run whitewater.

A few same details. The rubber lining around the edge of the cockpit slides off easily. I don't know if its supposed do that. I plan to glue it on with scotchkote adhesive. Its no trouble to replace the liner strip, I just can't see any reason to have it slipping off whenever I rub against it getting in/out of the kayak. Secondly, I took off the nuts on the bolts securing the seat frame, used low-strength locktite and resecured them. OT places small protective rubber caps over the end of these bolts. They fall off easily. I removed them and coated the bolt ending in plastidip/plastisol. It will serve the same purpose and not fall off.

In summary, this is my first personal kayak after years in canoes. I think it is an excellent craft for beginners and people wanting a stable craft with the ability to carry a fair amount of gear. The construction is solid and well thought out. I wouldn't hesitate to by another, as it suits my needs. It is not a serious whitewater craft, not or a long distance touring vessel. But for what it is designed for, it does handily. Solid durable construction at a reasonable price (mine cost $589.00).