Name: khaak

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I have taken my Magic on 3 extended Quetico trips, and could not be more pleased. Trim fore and aft carefully, and then relax. I found it very stable in a chop, using either a bent shaft or a double-blade. Tracks really great, and it is certainly easy to portage at only 34 lbs. If you are a solo tripper this is a boat you absolutely must consider.

Best solo tripping boat on the market, period. Hauls my gear for 7-10 day trips. Makes single portaging realistic. Handles well in chop; stays dry. Tracks smoothly; turns responsively. I use a bent shaft, and also sometimes a 270cm kayak paddle if I want to approach lift-off speeds. Great fishing platform too. I have a Wenonah tandem that is great for its purpose, but the Magic is the boat that gets my pulse up. Not really pricey when you comparison shop and consider what you're getting. Do the math: $1600 amortized over 30 years = $53 per year, and that's if you only take one trip per year! Don't think the boat will last 30 years?! With reasonable care it will go more. If you're looking for a solo, buy this boat with confidence and you'll soon brag it is one of the best things you've ever done. And lordy does it ever look good too.

I bought a kevcore Spirit II with wood trim and cane seats in '89. I've tripped it through Algonquin and Quetico and the Adirondacks, probably 40 trips. Plus countless outings around home. Durable is an understatement. It is a freighter with a heart of a cruiser. Not as fast as some longer boats nor as maneuverable as shorter ones, but if you're looking for a wilderness tripping boat that also is a good fishing boat the Spirit II will do the job. And it portages well, too. Added comfort: Wenonah has as good a reputation as anyone. Just look at what most of the outfitters in Ely use.