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After doing a lot of research (this site was most helpful), we bought a Loon 111 this spring and discovered that my wife and I both loved the way it handled and how easy it is to load on and off the car. After taking turns and sharing for a month, we decided we both liked it enough to get another one.....we had to shop around to find the color she wanted, but eventually found the yellow one she wanted.......oddly, the seat was of the older, non-padded variety (mine was padded and we noticed a number of other differences in seat attachment and foot peg location. All appear to be attributable to the fact hers was made in Canada and the other was Made in USA.

We have used them extensively for exploring lakes and wetland areas and our old canoe just sits in the basement. We find we can fit both of them securely on top of our standard Dodge Caravan and it just takes a few minutes to load/unload with some quick-release straps and foam padding. We found very good directional stability, especially in windy conditions, compared to a number of kayaks we had rented during our research. A little care in flipping the carrying handles up over the end of the boat avoids the annoyance of hearing the handle gurgling along in the water behind you. Ours are both the Polylink 3 material and it seems to be pretty durable with the exercise of reasonable care in launching, etc.