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We purchased two Placid Boatworks Spitfires a few years ago. Beautiful boats. Very lightweight, easy to paddle. We paddle on the Susquehanna River when it is high enough not to bounce over rocks, and also paddle the local Lakes. I paddle a lightweight Pungo 12 normally when river is low (also love that boat).

Wonderful boat! I also have a Pungo Duralite 120, which I like better because it is more durable. (Softer material) I understand they are not making the light versions anymore - hate to see them go, they are both boats I can load on top of my car by myself if I need to.

Great boat for paddling on the Susquehanna River. Light and rigid, though not as forgiving on rocks. I would not take when river is low. I can carry by myself and load on top a a car.

The 12 ft SpitFire Placid Boatworks canoe is a great boat. My husband and I both also paddle kayaks and this a nice lighter weight alternative. We do not take it when the river is low (Susquehanna River in northeastern PA) but very fun to paddle when we don't have to worry too much about dragging on rocks. (Plastic kayaks good for that.) It does not track quite as well as the 12 ft Pungo or 12 ft Carolina, but we paddled in a headwind and they did well. Great if you are camping with gear, though I would check about a cover for rain and sun screen. Seats surprising comfortable.

Duralite Pungo 120. Super boat! Love the lighter weight and durability of this boat. I understand they do not use this material for boats anymore, not sure why. Fun to paddle and tracks well. Right size for someone my size 5'5" and 145 lbs. I can load to car top myself if I have to. Not as stiff as the newer Ultralight material, but I think a more durable boat. I paddle the Susquehanna in northeastern PA.

Aqua-Bound Surge carbon fiber paddle is great! I always tell friends to buy the best paddle they can afford and to test paddles. I also tested a Bending Branches light weight paddle, but liked the Surge better. My husband was about ready to trade in his kayak for a different model, then switched to a Surge paddle, he said it made all the difference.

Pungo 120 Duralite. I am new to kayaking and tried a few shorter boats first (too squirrelly for the flat Susquehanna River), then tried the new Pungo Duralite. Very stable and at 39lbs I could lift it to car rack by myself. Enjoying it very much.