Name: Black_Dog

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Have been using this pack for many years. It is indestructible. The quality is amazing and the design is very good with a few exceptions. This is a pack with lots of fat features. Everything is adjustable. The only issues that I have with the pack is with the top flap. It does tend to slide to the sides a bit when the pack is full loaded. Not as much of an issue if you do not fill you pack to the brink. The only other thing that I would like is a tump line attachment point. I know that very few people use tumplines but an attachment point would be helpful. I have two of these packs and they have seen many many days of tripping. Hauled in and out of canoes placed on sharp rocks and generally not babied. They have held up amazingly well and are always a comfortable when fully loaded and heavy.

Updating an older review: Owned the Quetico 18.5 Le Tigre for 3 years now and have a 90 plus days of tripping with this canoe. We have two young kids and a Lab and this boat easily holds us and all of our gear for 3+ week trips. On the water it is fast when loaded and handles rough water very well. Big swells or white caps it handles them well while fully loaded and does not ship any water. This is a boat that you can paddle on those days that smaller boats will be staying ashore. It tracks very well; well enough that it is easy to handle with a 6 degree bent shaft at the stern. It is nimble enough to handle moderate moving water, but it is not a whitewater boat. The build quality is outstanding and it is a true wilderness tool. Designed for the job, not to look pretty. It has been hauled over beaver dams and had nothing but dry landings. Light, strong and it yields and does not brake, when stressed. Using epoxy and not resin makes all the difference.

After 3 years this boat has held up remarkably well. It has run rivers and been scraped hard along rocky river bottoms, hit a submerged rock or two. Many, rocky and gravel landings at portages and campsites. It has withstood everything it has been through. It has more than its share of scratches and nothing is more than cosmetic. Like I said earlier, it is a true wilderness tool that is well designed for its purpose.