Name: savorydave

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I bought this boat for my 12 year old son. It was a good price and it came set up to fish. He loves it and I'd say it is worth the money. I do see some problems. It does seem to take on water, either from the seam or the hatch. Its also a bit slow, but it tracks fairly well. It's a good starter boat.

I've had the Dirigo for about 2 years. I wasn't sure I needed the "advanced comfort seat", but it is way better than the seats in other boats. At 12' she tracks well and outpaces the sit ons that go fishing with me. She didn't come with any rod holders, but I rigged her with three rod holders and an anchor trolley for less than $100. She does pick up a lot of scratches on the bottom, but they're only cosmetic and it is plastic. I use her to fish mostly but I have taken her down rivers and in mild surf without any issues. She is a great all around kayak.