Name: Jester

Most Recent Reviews

The wife and I picked this Kayak up the other day and we just love it. The boat seems to be very fast and responsive even in choppy water. The hull of the boat is very sturdy. The whole boat is very sturdy in the water and almost impossible to tip over even if we tried. The boat is very well made compared to some lower priced boats for the same price.

I love the space hatch in the back and the little water tight compartment in the front. The wife puts her keys and cell phone in the compartment and they stay dry. I am 6ft 2in tall and I fit very nice inside the back seat with lots of room for my legs. The wife fits in the front seat very nice and she also has lots of room.

The boat is heavy at around 80lbs so make sure you and the wife can lift the boat before you buy. I carry the boat upside down on my Thule rack on my Subaru Forester with foam blocks and straps. The boat is nice and stable on the roof. For the money, this is a very nice Kayak.